Embroidery Services

There is a digitizing process that converts your logo or artwork into embroidery software language. We use top of the line WILCOM software. This process is priced at $14 per thousand stitches. THIS IS A ONE TIME FEE. However, to give you a better idea of the initial cost, it ranges from $35 to $140 ($35 minimum charge) for an average logo. This includes a sewn sample for your approval. If you already have your logo in an embroidery file form, there may be no charges at all. There are numerous situations that do not fit into a formula very well. We want to assure you that we always apply our policy of “fair pricing” to everything that we do. Don’t hesitate to request a quote.

Embroidery Prices

This is the cost to sew your design on each garment. Below is a chart to use as a guide line for this cost. This would be added to the price of the garment. In some larger volume quotes, the embroidery price is quoted in the price of the garment.  For orders less than $100 a handling fee of $10 will be added.  Some jobs require a $30 setup fee.

Embroidery Price List (for up to 6 colors)
Stitch Count Up To 1-25 Pieces 26-50 Pieces 51-75 Pieces 76-100 Pieces 101 + Pieces
7,000 Stitches $7.00 $6.75 $6.50 $6.25 Call For Quotes
7,500 Stitches $7.25 $7.00 $6.75 $6.50 Call For Quotes
8,000 Stitches $7.50 $7.25 $7.00 $6.75 Call For Quotes
8,500 Stitches $7.75 $7.50 $7.25 $7.00 Call For Quotes
9,000 Stitches $8.00 $7.75 $7.50 $7.25 Call For Quotes
9,500 Stitches $8.25 $8.00 $7.75 $7.50 Call For Quotes
10,000 Stitches $8.50 $8.25 $8.00 $7.75 Call For Quotes
10,500 Stitches $8.75 $8.50 $8.25 $8.00 Call For Quotes
11,000 Stitches $9.00 $8.75 $8.50 $8.25 Call For Quotes
Each Add’l M Add $.70 Add $.70 Add $.70 Add $.70

Heavier weight garments, blankets or bags may require special handling and cost is $.50 per garment more. 
Designs with more than 6 colors are plus $.10 per additional color break per garment.
Metallic Thread is an additional $.15 per garment/item.

Once again, keep in mind that there can be unusual jobs that may not fit this pricing arrangement exactly. It is always a good idea to request a quote. Note: We do not assume responsibility for replacing customer supplied goods for embroidery. It rarely happens, however, sometimes product can be damaged during the embroidery process.


Different forms of good quality artwork are acceptable. The fastest method is digital artwork sent by e-mail (ie., bmp, tiff, jpeg, doc,pdf, eps, ai, cdr). Please contact us for more information. You may also mail the artwork to Peachey Threads, 1015 Molalla Ave. Suite 102, Oregon City, OR 97045. Upon receiving the artwork, we will contact you to discuss your specifications.

Other Important Policies

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